Superconduting gravimeter at Svalbard observes M9.0 earthquake

Friday 11 March 2011 at 0546UT a big M9.0 earthquake happened approximately 200 km outside Sendai, Japan.
The earthquake was observed with a Superconducting gravimeter located in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard approximately 10 minutes later.
This figure shows what the superconducting gravimeter observed.


Visiting Reykjavik

Geodesy at work in Reykjavik, Iceland

My visit to Reykjavik, this time – mid September 2010, was work related.
My original working plan was to make a gravity tie and then demobilize a sea gravimeter.
Prior to my arrival, my contact person at Iceland had informed me that there would possible be a strike by the ship engineers… Continue reading »


Find minimum and maximum using AWK

Let’s assume you want to find the minimum and/or maximum of a column of numbers in a given file using AWK.
Assume we have an input file foo with f.ex. line number in first column and in the second ($2) and third column ($3 in awk) we have the values of interest.

File: foo
1 2 40
2 3… Continue reading »


Harstad og sommersolverv

Jeg fikk et lite oppdrag her om dagen.
Rundt sommersolverv skal noen gjøre filmopptak i Harstad.
I den forbindelse var det ønsket å finne når Solen står i nord og sør for 21. og 22. juni 2010. Altså for dagene rundt sommersolverv.

Harstad kirke Nord Sør
21.06.2010 … Continue reading »


Where to Eat Ice Cream in Copenhagen

Style: italian
Location: several location in Copenhagen, among other at Sankt Hans Torv 24, 2200 Kbh N.
Is á Bella
Style: Italian
Location: Smallegade 40 Frederiksberg C, 38 19 39 90

Style: Italian
Location: Amagerbrogade 99, Amager, 32 97 93 93
Lydolphs Isbar
Style: Speciality is ‘Lydolpher’ complet with three bowl of ice cream, two flødeboller, lots of soft ice and more… Continue reading »