Visiting Reykjavik

Geodesy at work in Reykjavik, Iceland

My visit to Reykjavik, this time – mid September 2010, was work related.
My original working plan was to make a gravity tie and then demobilize a sea gravimeter.
Prior to my arrival, my contact person at Iceland had informed me that there would possible be a strike by the ship engineers starting sometime after they have arrived in the harbor. However, there was no information when the strike would begin.

After arriving at Keflavik airport, I took a taxi to the Reykjavik harbor to pick up the land gravimeter and do the gravity tie before the boat arrived. However, the boat was already there.
So the measurements of the gravity tie was postponed and I started demobilizing the sea gravimeter hoping to be finished before the strike would begin.
Working as fast as possible, after less than one hour, I was ready to put the instrument into the wooden travel boxes and bring then off the ship.

Then, the strike started!

So, instead, I did the gravity tie, connecting the measurements made by the sea gravimeter to land measurements.

Gravity tie at the harbour

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